AFEM Code of Conduct

Production Futures Promotes AFEM Code of Conduct at Flagship Event

When Production Futures embarked on its 22/23 programme of ON TOUR live events last year it adopted the code of conduct drawn up by the Association For Electronic Music (AFEM), which seeks to address issues around sexual harassment and gender discrimination. AFEM actively advocates best practice in its sector, and runs a range of campaigns to address challenging issues that affect the industry. Production Futures ON TOUR will embrace and promote AFEM’s code of conduct with posters and helpline information provided in communal areas and restrooms.

Providing a safe and inclusive space for newcomers to the production industries is vital according to Production Futures Chief Executive, Hannah Eakins:

“AFEM’s campaigning work on developing a code of conduct for the electronic music industry is so important to ensuring that new talent enters the sector with confidence and security. As well as adopting the code ourselves, we want to see the same approach taken across the wider production industry. A large proportion of the sector comprises small and medium sized businesses, many of which don’t have HR departments or official codes of conduct, so it’s important that provision is made to protect people from discrimination and harassment. We work closely with all our industry partners to ensure that young people entering the production sector feel safe and supported, and actively encourage their adoption of the AFEM code of conduct.”

Finlay Johnson, Interim CEO – Association for Electronic Music adds:

“AFEM wants to foster and promote an electronic music culture where everyone involved feels safe, respected and free from sexual harassment and risk of assault, to ensure safe environments for fans and professionals, and to advocate for a culture of support for victims of harassment and assault to ensure they are encouraged to come forward and feel they will be supported when they do.

“Our hope is that this document in conjunction with the confidential support service phone line will help make clear the type of behaviour that should be encouraged or prevented. The Code Of Conduct should act as a firm guideline that formalises the do’s and don’t’s of gender-based interaction in the electronic music workplace, be it dance-floor, office or studio.”


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