Avolites Learning Platform

Avolites Launches Online Learning Platform

With lockdown looming back in March 2020, Avolites Titan Training Manager, Gordon Clarke began transforming the company’s online training capabilities, crafting a new bespoke online platform which offers ‘holistic’ training for Titan and Ai software.

“This was a discussion we at Avolites had almost two years ago,” reminisced Clarke, speaking at the tail end of several months of development.

The platform offers seven courses to work on from home, with even more in-depth, hands-on training courses available at one of Avolites in-person academy sites.

The courses are designed so that users can start applying their knowledge directly to examples they may be tasked with in a real-world environment, as well as build on their current level of proficiency. “From the outset, I was determined not to produce an online training platform that had users effectively reading a manual,” stated Clarke. “That is not how we operate at Avolites and neither does the industry which we serve.”

Instead of providing reams of varied content, the platform allows users to choose their own path. The platform interacts with the user with quizzes and exercises to back-up the knowledge learned at the end of each lesson. Students can also access specialist courses covering topics such as Networking, Syntax, Synergy, Pioneer Pro DJ Bridge Link Integration and Web API.

“No matter your age or experience, Avolites Academy is there to support you,” stated Gordon. “To begin any educational journey, you need a strong foundation and support system, and now users can learn with us rather than being on their own. We are with them every step of the way, from learning the basics at home, to developing specialist skills that will push their career further, faster.”

One of the elements that sets the platform apart is the intuitive backend to the website, which allows Clarke and the team to track the progress of users. “I can see if someone has spent longer on a section and therefore shoot them an email to see if they have any questions on the subject matter,” he remarked.

The Avolites Online Learning Platform is now available in the UK, with plans to then roll out the platform to other territories in the coming months once language translation and testing has been completed. To book your space, visit www.avolites.com/training and sign up to your first course. All courses are £30 and can be completed over three months at your own pace. An Editor Avokey is required for the training, which can be purchased during the sign-up process.

This article originally appeared in issue #260 of TPi, which you can read here.


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