City College Southampton

Production arts has grown year on year here at city college, I’m able to draw on my skills as a professional production manager and the body of people I know.

I aim to give students a real-world experience, set in a two year program, first year is all about learning new skills and finding an area of interest, and second year developing the interest and learn on how to make it a job or take the drama school or uni route to gain higher qualifications.

I help all students gain work experience, a push them to go to as many different places as possible (professional and amdram) the more work they can do in theatre or other events or venues the better. Knowing that they are many different ways of doing a job and the more they learn the better. I encourage peer learning and have second years managing departments for panto each year which help students to bold early on and develop work/people skills.

List of relevant courses:

Year 1
In year 1 you will learn the skills to operate a variety of kit and equipment including light, rigging, AV and sound. You will also learn about set design and the basics of event management including how to successfully produce a show.
•Lighting skills – rigging and operation
•Sound skills – operation and EQ
•Stage management
•Set construction and scenic painting
•Prop making
•Roles within a production team
•Health and safety within events industry
•Legal aspects of public performance

Year 2
In year 2 you will focus your creative ideas and skills learnt in year 1 to work towards more senior roles and responsibilities within production arts. This includes production management, stage management, lighting, sound, AV, set design and flying.
•Producing a range of professional shows
•Large scale lighting and sound for concerts
•Specialist assignment
•Production of final major performance
•Final major production

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