CoiL Goes Global!

The CoiL Learning Center’s mission to “encourage leadership and learning in the events and entertainment industry” is as strong today as when it first started. And arguably… it’s now more important than ever.

In the spirit of CoiL’s commitment to and love for our industry, we’re excited to announce that CoiL is now global, growing our reach and impact through our new location in the UK with programming overseen by Tiffany Green!

CoiL’s global expansion is the answer to a growing need for real-world, dynamic learning experiences that keep pace with the rapidly changing demands of our industry. Founded on the belief that everyone can Lead, Teach, and Learn, CoiL offers a variety of training courses, internships, apprenticeships, and networking opportunities for those already involved as well as looking to get involved in the industry.

Since 2016, CoiL has connected hundreds of students with hands-on learning through on-site and virtual tours, internships, and apprenticeships across the United States, partnering with local universities to jumpstart many new careers through these experiential learning programs. As HR ‘ Academic Programs Manager – UK, Tiffany will build strong relationships with colleges and coordinate recruiting initiatives to extend these same valuable opportunities across the UK.

Through a strong dedication to continuous improvement and learning, CoiL also provides ongoing training for industry personnel across the ETP family of brands. With more than 80 classes to choose from, employees enjoy unique development opportunities in technology, leadership, safety, soft skills, productivity, and more. Since 2018, 2,534 employees have attended both in-person and virtual CoiL classes.

Building on the CoiL values that everyone can be a leader, teacher, and learner, these same industry professionals are called on to give back by sharing their expertise, wisdom, and support with others. In the UK, Tiffany will develop programs for employee growth and development on this strong Lead, Teach, Learn foundation.for CoiL

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