Educating people about what we do and how we do it – Backup Tech

6th February 2024

The Next Generation Pro-Audio Service Provider Looking For The Next Generation – 22live

Our journey over the last 14-18 months. Our ethos and the benefits of working within a smaller business that is at the start of its journey.
26th January 2024

The Difference Between Life On The Road And Working For A World Leading Manufacturer

Rental and Touring specialist Luke talks about how there is a dream job to suit everyone in this industry, both on and off the road.
25th January 2024

Let’s Get This Show On The Road – Ultratech Uncovered 

Being prepared for a huge live show
25th January 2024

10 Things We Wish We Knew When We Started Our Career

Hear from two trailblazing event professionals, Cat Kevern and Georgie Chappell, who will share their invaluable insights and experiences from freelancing, to full-time employment and even founding a company in the world of events.
25th January 2024


Andi Gruber
25th January 2024


25th January 2024

Exploring The Opportunities At The BBC, From Sound Operators, Cameras, Lighting to Floor Managers And News Directors – The Possibilities, Pathways and Opportunities.

Media Operations is a vibrant and exciting department providing operational and technical expertise to a wide range of programmes on the BBC. From Radio 1 to the Proms, the Today programme to the News at 10 and BBC Breakfast, 5live and podcasts to drama, we are there to make sure our audiences have the best...
25th January 2024

Be Clear, Be Confident, Be Curious

The 3 C’s for career success
24th January 2024

Embarking on the Freelance Journey : The AMBER Formula for Success

This talk will equip you with practical insights and actionable strategies, empowering you to forge your path in the freelance world with confidence and purpose. Whether you’re a seasoned freelancer or just starting, the AMBER formula will guide you towards a future filled with growth, fulfillment and success.
24th January 2024

Touring with The Prodigy – Loudness, Sub and Tea

Jon’s career has been most notably linked to The Prodigy, for whom he has been the front of house engineer for many years. Jon will be talking about that relationship, touring and how to keep things fresh and interesting after so many years!
22nd January 2024

Future Technology And Team Excellence – The Winning Combination.

Rory is an experienced technician with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. Skilled in Lighting, Engineering, Technical Production and stage Lighting. He joined Neg Earth Lights in 2019 on their job ready practical training progamme.  
22nd January 2024

Precious Cargo – Behind The Scenes Insights Into The Logistics Of Touring

Have you ever wondered what is under the floor when you travel on a plane overseas? or how all the production at the venue arrived there and what they went through to get the show on the road? We will share some behinds the scenes insight into the logistics of touring.
22nd January 2024

Vocations, Vocation, Vocation! A Young Technicians Journey

Dan tells his story from his first day to his typical day in the life now!
22nd January 2024

Breaking Into The Industry : From Gen X To Gen Z

Stories, tips and tricks from 3 generations on how to break into the AV Industry, with world-leading Video experts from 80Six, Brompton Technology and ROE Visual
22nd January 2024

The Advantages Of Choosing An Apprenticeship In The Live Events Industry

Are you considering an Apprenticeship in the Live Events Industry? Do you want to know what a modern apprenticeship is all about? Leigh is the Head Of People Services for one of the world’s leading live events companies, PRG, who employ over 20 full time apprentice technicians and Event Assistants. Learn more about what’s involved...
22nd January 2024

Designing For Events In Unique Venues

Live events do not always happen in a purpose built venue. How do you plan and design for an event being held in a space with limited load in times, complicated access or major restrictions? A  look at how we have adapted equipment and built teams to deliver in challenging environments.
22nd January 2024

The Evolution Of Production Within Events

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