High End Systems Hedgeucation

High End Systems launches the Hedgeucation series covering Hog 4 software and desk features. Additional training companion materials for each topic can be downloaded from their website. Season One in Learn Hog 4, a new online video series that demonstrates how easy it is to learn and use the Hog 4 platform. All episodes can be found on a new landing page on the HES website,

Season One gets viewers up and rocking quickly, focusing on use of the compact HedgeHog 4 console to patch, program and operate a live show. High End Systems’ Joe Haller hosts the series, offering practical Hog tips and tricks along with a true Texan sense of humor (‘Who doesn’t like mirror balls, Joe?’) A nail biting season finale shot at the Majestic Theatre in Madison, WI shows programmers how to use what they’ve learned to light a live performance. Extras including Hog 4 show files and additional course material can be downloaded from www.highend.com/learnhog4.

Season One Episodes:

Episode 1.1 – Hardware and Patching
Episode 1.2 – Basic Programming
Episode 1.3 – Using Groups and Palettes
Episode 1.4 – Recording and Playing Back
Episode 1.5 – Simple Effects
Episode 1.6 – Updating and Busking