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Factory International

Factory International are producers of extraordinary art from world-renowned figures to Manchester’s rising stars.

Whether you’re into music, dance, performance, theatre, exhibitions or gaming, we’ve got something for you. We pride ourselves on bringing different artists and types of art together.

With our vision to invent tomorrow together, we’ve always got an eye on the future. We’re all about new ways of creating and collaborating to bring you unforgettable art and experiences.

At our new home Aviva Studios, you’ll find a year-round programme that does just that. Built with flexibility in mind, the design of the building is led by Ellen van Loon of the world-leading practice Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). The multi-use space can adapt to host any kind of set-up — from intimate theatre shows and intricate exhibitions, to huge multimedia performances and warehouse-scale gigs fit for the greatest artists of our time.

Every two years we run Manchester International Festival (MIF) – the festival of brand new artistic work known world-over, that’s animated and captivated our city since 2007.

We’re also training the creative workforce of the future through the Factory Academy, supporting artists to realise their potential, and working with local communities to build our programme.

With our roots firmly in our city, we invite communities from Manchester and beyond to meet, exchange ideas, learn new skills and have their say — supporting future artists, makers, doers and thinkers to reach their full potential.