Andrea Shirk

Rock Lititz


Andrea is the leader of a new kind of live event crew. Focused on building a uniquely collaborative, state-of-the-art live event experience, her dedicated team has been breaking new ground within the industry. Andrea comes to Rock Lititz with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and multiple product development and program management roles in her resume, having worked in leadership programs at both Lockheed Martin and Bose. In 2013, she began leading the charge at Rock Lititz, a state-of-the-art production campus where shows from around the world come to practice, train, build and structure their tours, providing safer, easier and more efficient runs. The campus includes one of a kind rehearsal facilities, unique, multi-tenant space that dozens of leading live event companies call home, a hotel open to both public and crews, and the campus is still growing. Rock Lititz aims to maintain an environment that promotes collaboration, creativity, education and support, designed to encourage passion and drive within the live event industry.