Entrepreneur of the Year and TV/Broadcast Production Newcomer of the Year Serena Bliss talks to us about her career highlights and why networking is so important.

Serena, what was your very first industry role and how did you get it?
My first major project was working for Lux Machina as Virtual Production Stage Coordinator for Silo, on Apple TV. Creative Alchemy was engaged to provide supervision, operation and coordination on this set.

Did you study or do a course? If so, where and what?
My education has been through practical work experience. I graduated high school in Australia in 2017 and moved to the United Kingdom in 2019 after backpacking around the world.
In the midst of the pandemic, I started a company, Creative Alchemy One,
with my brother, and by building on his contacts, I was able to gain valuable experience and education.

What has been your biggest achievement or a ‘pinch me’ moment so far?
The highlight of my career thus far came when, within 72 hours, the season premiere of “Hijack” and the season finale of “Silo” dropped on Apple TV. Their viewership quickly rose to the top two spots. The sensation of witnessing these projects which I had actively played a role in, being recognized with such success, while providing an extraordinary experience for others, is a sentiment that will forever be etched in my memory. The outpouring of support, congratulations, and expressions of enjoyment from individuals worldwide who tuned in to these TV productions has encouraged us forward.

Is there one person who has helped or pushed you, been a support?
I’ve been fortunate to receive a warm welcome in the industry, having
multiple mentors to support and encourage me. Each one has offered me
insight and learning. However, the unwavering support and guidance from
my older brother and business partner, Shannon Harvey, have been the
structure of education and growth.

Where would you like to be in 5 years from now?
My overarching aim for my twenties has been to establish a solid
foundation for a prosperous life, encompassing both professional and
personal spheres. To further this objective, I’ll continue to prioritise continuous learning,
delving into the intricacies of my clients, staying abreast of evolving technologies, and helping to create unique experiences. Additionally, I’m committed to contributing to education and promoting accessibility for newcomers in our field, a cause that holds great significance for me.

Is there more industry should be doing for newcomers?
More can be done to help educate newcomers on working with clients and business strategy in the creative industry, there is often a subjective nature to creative arts, which can profoundly affect the perception of scope and value. Newcomers need to understand how to value themselves and work with
clients in order to establish a positive reputation as well as maintain a
stable economy.

Newcomers need to understand how to value themselves and work with
clients in order to establish a positive reputation as well as maintain a
stable economy.

Regrettably, I’ve observed dysfunctional business practices where the
simple knowledge, clear communication of scope and value could have
avoided significant consequences. In my experience it was a disadvantage
not understanding how to ask the right questions to be successful.

How important is networking for newcomers?
Networking holds immense importance, not just for newcomers, but for everyone in our industry. While we devote significant time to catering to clients and delivering exceptional experiences, products, and services, the support from our professional network is crucial for success. Additionally, a robust network enhances your reputation as you collaborate with and learn from new individuals in the field. This interconnectedness greatly contributes to personal and professional growth.

Will you come back to the awards as our guest next year?

I would love to be a guest next year, it was an honour to be a part this year and it was a wonderful night.

How did you feel when you won the Production Futures Breakthrough awards?

It was my second greatest moment thus far in my career, accepting both
awards for Young Entrepreneur and TV / Broadcast Production newcomer.
I felt over the moon, it was such a rewarding experience celebrating my

What made you want to work in the production industry?

I developed a strong connection to the production industry during my formative years, actively participating in numerous productions as a dancer and circus performer between 2005- 2017. As time passed, I found myself increasingly curious about exploring this industry from a different
point of view. Having Shannon share his experience working in live events inspired me to learn more. This transition into a new career path has not only provided me with fresh avenues for growth but also allowed me to flourish and excel in ways I hadn’t anticipated.

How has winning this award affected your personal or professional life,
and what are your future goals?

Winning these awards has influenced both my personal and professional spheres. Personally, it has bolstered my self-assurance and validates my path. On a professional level, it has expanded my network, piqued the interest of existing clients, and led to new opportunities with prospective collaborators. Our company has some exciting projects in the pipeline and we continue to develop new work in educating others, creating new workflows and creative storytelling.

What advice would you give to other newcomers who aspire to achieve
similar recognition?

I would advise newcomers to recognize the power of knowledge and embrace learning as a lifelong journey. Additionally, surround yourself with individuals who uplift and support you
on your path.

Are there any upcoming projects or initiatives that you’re excited to
work on and why?

The current focus for Creative Alchemy is around innovation through the fusion of technology and creativity. Through research, education, and industry outreach, we want to stay at the forefront of technical advancements. Creating captivating experiences that leave a lasting mark on audiences and industries alike.

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