frame:work: London 2022 November 3&4 at CodeNode

frame:work is hosting their first in-person conference for the creative video community frame:work is a community organization for creative video professionals working in screens dominated live events, installations and virtual productions. frame:work:london is a conference for conversations about the unique challenges of creating video for physical spaces, live performance and virtual worlds. Attendees range from expert practitioners, partner creative disciplines, production leadership, new professionals and students. Our goal is to create community and share valuable insights into the practice of these specialized fields of work. This November, frame:work will partner with Bild Studios to present a two day conference in central London. Early Bird & Student tickets go on sale Sept 22, 2022. Tickets give attendees access to all presentations and our sponsor studio for the two day event. Prices will range from £39 to£99. Our conference schedule and sponsor roster will be released over the coming weeks at frame:work has hosted three virtual conferences and numerous online events since our founding in 2019. We share insights from leaders in the field of video content creation, video& media server engineering, screens producing, real-time generative content, media server programming, virtual production and mixed reality. At frame:work, we believe the way to improve our standard of work is through good communication and engagement with each other, no matter the discipline. Theater, film, television broadcast, rock tours, conferences, installations, online events – the more we learn from each other about process, the more we improve our relationships to our larger production communities. frame:work is a volunteer effort, founded on community supporting principles.

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