Production Futures Breakthrough Award Winners Announced at ON TOUR Event

This year, the six winners received their awards at the Production Futures ON TOUR event which took place in late September at Production Park in Wakefield. The event was the first of a series taking place across the UK in the coming months, and saw more than six hundred young people through its doors. Thirty-five brand partners from the worlds of audio, lighting, TV, virtual events and global logistics, were on hand to offer information, insights and advice about careers in production. A number of industry associations were also represented, joining the commercial brands in presenting panels and workshops on a range of subjects designed to explain and inspire.

Hannah Eakins, CEO of Production Futures reflects on the event:

“This year’s awards were presented at the conclusion of what was a fantastic day. We received a record number of nominations this year – an indication that our campaign to highlight and deliver opportunities for young people in the production sector is moving in the right direction. Our brand partners, many of them market-leading global companies, have really bought into our ideas, recognising the mutual advantages of engaging with a potentially huge pool of untapped talent.

“Another feature of the event was our promotion of the Association of Electronic Music (AFEM) code of conduct, which campaigns against sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the industry. Posters on display in restroom facilities provided our young visitors with information about the Association’s advocacy of best practice, as well as its confidential helpline.”

A notably successful feature of the event which encouraged maximum engagement was the Production Futures ‘Networking Quiz’ which used a treasure-hunt format to encourage attendees to visit each brand-partner’s stand. Certain facts or code words could be recorded at each stand, with completed entries placed into a draw for prizes that included festival tickets, vouchers, podcast kits and leading-brand headphones. The initiative proved very popular and acted as an effective icebreaker to opening dialogues between visitors and brand representatives.

In a move designed to create even greater access, the event was also live-streamed as part of the Leeds Digital Festival, enabling the participation of an even wider audience to the day’s activities. More than 400 young people from around the world turned into the stream.

The Production Futures Breakthrough award winners were:

Micah Williams, Muhammad ‘Abz’ Abby, Jake Mazzuca, Rae Atkin, Subul Lodi and Sarah Philpot.

Production Futures ON TOUR next visits Solent University, Southampton on October 19th.

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